Who We Are

Times are changing; we challenge ourselves daily to create tailored solutions and insights to meet our clients' needs.

We collaborate with our international clients to deliver the most compelling and ethical healthcare communications. Our enthusiasm for excellence and outstanding scientific knowledge will help you realise the potential of your messages. And our client service and delivery, as well as our strategic insight and commitment to multichannel communications, will ensure they will be heard. We guarantee quality, adaptability, confidence and creativity, and most important of all, a fresh approach to medical communications.

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What We Do

We partner globally with the pharmaceutical industry to support all aspects of multichannel medical communication, from strategic consultancy through to meetings management and publication planning. We will commit to deliver 360°, bespoke healthcare solutions throughout your entire product lifecycle.

  • Strategic Consulting

    Strategic Consulting

    Supporting medical and marketing clients in high-level decision-making across the life-cycle.

    Knowledge, experience and expertise to guide clients and accelerate the decision pathway to coherent and effective strategies including communications planning, launch planning, gap analyses, market access, product positioning, branding and creative, digital strategies, competitive intelligence, and compliance.

    For more information please contact Gemma Pfister at Gemma.Pfister@kp360group.com
  • PinPoint
    Enriched Publication Planning


    Enriched Publication Planning

    Enriched Publication Planning – is anyone listening?

    To truly understand what is communicated and heard, our clients turn to PinPoint™, KnowledgePoint360’s unique multichannel approach to publication planning.

    Only KnowledgePoint360 integrates classical and digital channels that:

    • Determine whether HCP opinion and understanding reflects published clinical data
    • Employ unique alternative metrics to identify the most appropriate communication channels for data dissemination
    • Measure the true reach of publications and data

    For more information please contact Helen Hey at helen.hey@kp360group.com
  • EIF
    Electronic Impact Factor


    Electronic Impact Factor

    The first electronic impact measurement for data dissemination that uses a multichannel approach to optimize decision-making and data impact; helps more precisely assess manuscript and journal impact in the digital world.

    For more information please contact Helen Hey at helen.hey@kp360group.com
    Multichannel Analysis


    Multichannel Analysis

    Do you make ripples or waves? It’s too risky to make assumptions!

    For an online world, our clients get the answers they need in a tailored analysis from KnowledgePoint360, the leaders in multichannel healthcare communications.

    Leverage deep and unbiased insights into HCP educational needs and drivers, to ensure a relevant and high-impact content strategy:

    • Understand new market trends and take a focused innovative approach to competitor benchmarking
    • Obtain unique metrics to measure the effectiveness and reach of medical and marketing strategies

    For more information please contact Helen Hey at helen.hey@kp360group.com
  • eX3
    Extending External Expertise


    Extending External Expertise

    When building an integrated, innovative approach to the identification and engagement of external experts, clients need to consider both the online and offline space. eX3 is KnowledgePoint360's proprietary approach, creating a comprehensive foundation for identification and subsequent engagement of respected external experts.

    The eX3 strategy ensures the ultimate tactical plan is aligned to strategic goals and is tailored to client and product educational needs across multiple channels.

    For more information please contact Helen Hey at helen.hey@kp360group.com
  • QuickStep
    Branding Fast


    Branding Fast

    Creative excellence and scientific expertise combine to rapidly achieve optimized brand solutions.
    • Leverages in-depth scientific and strategic expertise to quickly articulate the brand positioning and personality
    • Frames the brand in words, symbols and images, through creativity in step with the healthcare environment
    • Integrated implementation expresses the brand across all media and communications channels

    For more information please contact Gemma Pfister at gemma.pfister@kp360group.com
  • TalkingPapers


    Bringing data to life; Talking Papers helps to highlight important educational messages, as the author talks through a paper or clinical trial. The video summary brings a paper to life, helping busy professionals understand the clinical implications in an engaging and digestible format.

    eMedFusion’s templated software ties together video, slides and audio in an elegant program that can be deployed quickly across desktop and mobile platforms, or embedded within an existing website.
    For more information please contact Helen Hey at helen.hey@kp360group.com
  • External Expert Engagement

    External Expert Engagement

    Knowledge management strategies to ensure accurate information is readily accessible for discussions among Thought Leaders.

    • Identification of Thought Leaders in both offline and online environments
    • Devising comprehensive Thought Leader engagement programs, relevant to a therapy area, covering: advisory panels or boards, preceptorship programs, resource centers and management databases.

    For more information please contact Helen Hey at
  • Publication Planning and Implementation

    Publication Planning and Implementation

    PinPoint is enriched publication planning. Only KnowledgePoint360 integrates classical and digital channels that:

    • Determine whether HCP opinion and understanding reflects published data
    • Employ unique alternative metrics to identify the most relevant communication channels for data dissemination
    • Measure the true reach of your publications and data

    All this, on top of our 40 years’ excellence in supporting clients’ publication planning;

    • Compliance controls, in accordance with guidelines and current best practices
    • Publication plan development
    • Publication Plan management and support of clients’ management tools
    • Medical writing and editorial support for authors
    • Key paper summaries and ‘Talking Paper’ solutions
    • Membership of MyVHow – medical publications community
    • Platinum sponsor of ISMPP 2013

    For more information please contact Helen Hey at
  • SlideSorter


    Slide management platform to ensure controlled and appropriate access to approved slides.

    eMedFusion’s proprietary platform allows global and cross-functional teams to share and access the latest slides. Individual users have confidence that they have the most up-to-date information readily available and they can build their own customized presentations.

    Corporate teams can be sure that access to slides is controlled, with special features to support compliance and manage version control.

    For more information please contact Helen Hey at helen.hey@kp360group.com
  • MDPROfile
    Thought Leader Management


    Thought Leader Management

    MDPROfile enables companies to manage and track their interactions with Thought Leaders, and helps to match Thought Leader profiles with program needs.

    eMedFusion’s powerful online tool provides secure access to areas of expertise, professional details, collaboration history and contact information. A proprietary ranking algorithm ensures objectivity and tracking tools monitor Thought Leader activities within the overall program.

    For more information please contact Helen Hey at helen.hey@kp360group.com
  • MyVHow
    Publication plan community


    Publication plan community.

    Private subscribers benefit from data driven analyses, and confidential insights they gain from their peers in the community. A unique benchmarking solution, powered by the experience and analytical skills of TGaS Advisors
    • Private, subscriber-based community currently with over 60 medical publications professionals from 11 large, mid-size, and small pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.
    • Provides members with the opportunity to drive questions out to a group of their professional medical publication peers and benefit from data-driven insights
    • Delivering ‘outside-in’ perspectives to help inform strategic decision-making.
    • Subscribers receive confidential answers and insights through benchmark reports, and also gain further insights through anonymous group teleconference discussions that enable the members to delve deeper into each topic.
    For more information please contact cherie.whitmore@kp360group.com
  • Congresses and Events

    Congresses and Events

    Our teams have decades of experience in maximizing engagement and information exchange in live and virtual events.

    • Advisory boards
    • Investigator meetings
    • Scientific symposia
    • International conferences, with webconferencing
    • Virtual meetings and platforms
    • Product theaters
    • Promotional dinner meetings
    • Exhibit strategies, design and management, with interactive communications technologies www.medex-media.com
    • Training meetings

    For more information please contact Helen Hey at helen.hey@kp360group.com

  • Disease Education

    Disease Education

    Providing education and information to healthcare professionals through multichannel initiatives using a combination of live events, print materials, and digital activities.

    Working with Thought Leaders across medical disciplines, we apply adult learning principles including interaction and reflection strategies, reinforced through use of multiple educational interventions that result in practice improvements and appropriate product use.

    For more information please contact Helen Hey at helen.hey@kp360group.com

  • Educational Materials

    Educational Materials

    Effectively delivering education and information to healthcare professionals, via their preferred communications channels. For example:

    • Key paper summaries
    • Slide resources
    • Case studies
    • Q&A documents
    • Disease management series
    • Product monographs

    For more information please contact Helen Hey at helen.hey@kp360group.com

  • Promotional Programs and Materials

    Promotional Programs and Materials

    To deliver high impact e-detailing, exhibits (MedexMedia) and sales support materials; compelling program formats and award-winning speaker training solutions and multichannel promotional solutions to strengthen message retention with speakers and program attendees

    For more information please contact Helen Hey at helen.hey@kp360group.com

  • epath
    Shaping Digital Strategy


    Shaping Digital Strategy

    A novel, proprietary approach to understanding the digital landscape and building a digital roadmap. This powerful custom methodology enables a penetrating look into online activities within a therapy area, upon which we help clients build a clear digital road map and prioritized tactical plans.www.emedfusion.com

    For more information please contact David Hogben at david.hogben@emedfusion.com
  • Training Programs

    Training Programs

    Deep knowledge of science and medicine combined with an extensive understanding of adult learning principles

    • A broad range of training and development services
    • Experience includes training for both field force and medical science liaison teams, through their preferred learning channels and environments

    For more information please contact Helen Hey at
  • Partnering Pharma Teams

    Partnering Pharma Teams

    Combining scientific and industry knowledge to anticipate client needs. Activities include:

    • Needs evaluation
    • Publication summaries
    • Competitor analyses and reports
    • Congress presence planning
    • Objection handlers and FAQs
    • Literature monitoring
    • Implementation toolkits for affiliates

    For more information please contact Helen Hey at helen.hey@kp360group.com

  • Digital Solutions

    Digital Solutions

    Strategic consulting, technological innovations and interactive design and development services that inject a fresh perspective into every engagement.
    Our inventive solutions help clients stay ahead of the competition and meet marketplace challenges, with measurable results.


    For more information please contact David Moore david.moore@kp360group.com

Meet The Team

From strategy through to implementation, our specialist team – all experts in their respective fields – work together to ensure our pharmaceutical clients achieve their communication ambitions.

  • Melissa Piper
    HCN Group President: CircleScience

    Melissa Piper

    HCN Group President: CircleScience

    • Melissa employs her phenomenal leadership skills to head up business teams in Tytherington, London, Maidenhead and New York, to deliver multichannel communication programmes to an ever-expanding list of clients. Melissa also leads business development across the healthcare communications agencies within KnowledgePoint360.
    • Since joining us from AstraZeneca in 2000 as Account Manager, Melissa rapidly rose to become Group President of CircleScience, ACUMED and Seren Communications. Melissa supports each of these agencies with their strategic growth and development; while allowing each agency to flourish by injecting its own style and personality.

    Contact Melissa at melissa.piper@kp360group.com

  • Lisa Druce
    Senior Vice President, CircleScience

    Lisa Druce

    Senior Vice President, CircleScience

    • Passion, flair (both for business and for fashion) and a determination to succeed: these are the hallmarks of Lisa and define her approach to leading and shaping CircleScience. Since launching the agency in September 2011, we have achieved spectacular growth, driven by innovation and creativity in helping clients succeed with their brands.
    • Lisa guides and mentors both internal teams and client partners to help bring about a perfect marriage of agency and pharma. Her work, and that of her team, is of exceptional quality and delivered at a high pace. In short, Lisa gets the job done. And any time you need some cooking tips, tap into Lisa's wealth of culinary knowledge!

    Contact Lisa at lisa.druce@circlescienceglobal.com

  • Neil Marmont
    Vice President, Medical & Scientific Services

    Neil Marmont

    Vice President, Medical & Scientific Services

    • Neil is a hugely experienced medical communications and pharmaceutical industry professional with a passion for teamwork. As VP, M&SS, Neil ensures we deliver the highest-quality medical education programmes for our clients. Neil strives to bring together people with complementary talents and skills into a tight-knit group with shared values to focus on a common goal.
    • Outside of work, Neil is an avid sports fan, with a love of the odd shaped ball. Although his playing days are behind him, he spends his weekends coaching his eldest son (and 41 of his teammates)! Neil strongly believes that "talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships".

    Contact Neil at neil.marmont@circlescienceglobal.com

  • Karen Forrest
    Vice President, Client Services

    Karen Forrest

    Vice President, Client Services

    • Karen will try her hand at anything. This resourcefulness and adaptability has served her well during her 11 years with our parent company, The KnowledgePoint360 Group. She has a penchant for new business and thrives on developing relationships and defining the best working practices to suit the unique needs of each client.
    • Karen's inquisitive nature ensures she challenges her team and clients alike to go beyond the norm and push the boundaries. When not keeping the wheels of industry turning, Karen relies on her many other talents that range from Fireman Sam Jigsaws and pushing the limits of Lego construction, to dinosaur roars and singing anything by Miley Cyrus!

    Contact Karen at karen.forrest@circlescienceglobal.com

  • Geeta Devgan
    Vice President, Medical & Scientific Services

    Geeta Devgan

    Vice President, Medical & Scientific Services

    • Geeta's impressive scientific research background, industry experience and outgoing personality make her the ideal point person to address client's scientific needs and spearhead new initiatives. With over 7 years of experience in medical communications and 10 years preceding that in research, Geeta leads the NY-based Medical and Scientific Services team for CircleScience.
    • Alongside her undoubted abilities to drive and direct high quality programs, Geeta brings out the best in her team to exceed expectations and think imaginatively. And as a seasoned marathon runner, you'll be sure she goes the distance for any project!

    Contact Geeta at geeta.devgan@circlescienceglobal.com

  • Javeria Shahab
    Vice President, Client Services

    Javeria Shahab

    Vice President, Client Services

    • Work hard and play hard — Javeria's playful personality and calming voice see her through the day-to-day opportunities and challenges that come along with medical communications. After 10 years of experience in the industry with clients from all over the globe, she leads the NY-based Client Services team for CircleScience. She guides her team to deliver flawless perfection (or as close to it as humanly possible!), will manage your accounts to within three decimal places, and always comes prepared with Plan B.
    • If you need someone to think on their toes and help you navigate ever-changing and choppy waters, Javeria is a perfect fit!

    Contact Javeria atjaveria.shahab@circlescienceglobal.com

  • Jackie Richards
    Vice President, Client Services

    Jackie Richards

    Vice President, Client Services

    • Jackie’s sociable and outgoing nature helps her to build great relationships. Having worked in the KnowledgePoint360 group for over 12 years, she faces all challenges with a calm and professional approach (as well as a big smile!). With her tenacity, drive and determination she provides leadership to her teams to deliver the highest quality multi-channel programs to a diverse range of clients.
    • Jackie is always willing to take on new challenges so if you need someone to help shape your strategic plans then look no further!

    Contact Jackie at jackie.richards@circlescienceglobal.com

  • Marsha Caplin
    Vice President, Multichannel

    Marsha Caplin

    Vice President, Multichannel

    • Working with Marsha is like throwing a bath bomb into the water; she fizzes with ideas. Her energy is infectious and her constant flow of conceptual thoughts makes her a great asset to clients. Marsha radiates passion, positivity and conviction. While other such creative minds may struggle with discipline and focus, Marsha's knack for combining strategic vision with the focus and drive to deliver ground-breaking programmes for clients is sublime.
    • Marsha's creativity inevitably spills over into her home-life where her flair for interior design means she and her homes have graced magazines on coffee tables up and down the land. Exploring disruptive innovation in healthcare is her next mission!

    Contact Marsha at marsha.caplin@circlescienceglobal.com

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We are located in the leafy location of Tytherington, Cheshire, UK; the vibrant city of London, UK and the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, New York, USA.


We are always on the lookout for ambitious, agile and creative individuals who have the strategic insight, combined with the multichannel know how, to drive forward excellence in multichannel communications with our clients.

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